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Days pass by and the minutes slip into blackness,

As it creeps in all around the edges of mornings and evenings.

The winter solstice is upon us and has plunged us into the darkest of days.

Gone is the light for a time, which asks of us,

To find our way in the dark.


For now, the night will be your guide,

As the night has eyes to see beyond what you know

And asks you to let go of the old ways,

And to trust in what you cannot yet see.


Pulling on the dark recesses as an energy source requires patience.

For the night has a different vibration,

One which is subtle... mysterious and needs a slower pacing,

It also feels heavy to the heart, lethargic to the body and apathetic to 

   the Spirit,

Which asks you to cut loose all extraneous, unimportant mental,

emotional and physical clutter, that is no longer useful.

In order that you may move forward on this journey.


With a gentle fierceness we must pull back from the cutting edge of life,

Just as the bear knows it's time to hibernate,

To sleep more, eat more and to restore oneself from the inside.


So honor the night for its gifts,

It will bear fruit when given space to expand and grow,

Eventually making room for the returning light.


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