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Research says:
• “Music is great for stress reduction …
   a form of meditation.”
• Develops right and left brain functions
• Promotes creative and logical faculties
• Helps language and history skills
• Develops multi-level thinking and math skills
• Encourages concentration and focus
• Provides an outlet for self-expression
• Success leads to self-esteem



    Over 30 years experience teaching children, teens and adults. A simple, time-tested way of reading using chordal understanding.
Uniquely offers a good foundation in classical technique as well as skills in composition and improvisation. Limited space available.
A Crane School of Music graduate with emphasis on theory and education.





• 24 hour notice of cancellation is an
absolute requirement. Make-up lessons can be scheduled.
• Lesson fees are due monthly.
• All students must attend weekly lessons regardless of the amount of practice.
This keeps motivation high and reinforces good practice habits. All are necessary for progress.


• The White House, 1997, 1999 with vocalist “Laurie” for holiday events for senior citizens and disabled children
• LaTeste, France, 2000, 2001 Performance of original solo compositions and others as part of a gala event with American artists

First Night-Binghamton 2001, 2002: piano performance of original compositions and others 2003, 2006: exclusive performance of original music with original art and poetry
• Classical music recitals: 2003 and 2005: piano duets, piano, organ duets and solo classical piano literature with Mark Cole with poetry and visual art, Binghamton, NY
• Radio broadcast: featured artist for the program Music and the Artist series for WPEL-FM radio, 2003 Recordings:
• “Heal the Child,” 1997
• “My Soul’s Kiss,” 2001


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