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On The Seine



On the Seine, riding afloat on the life’s blood of this, the City of Lights,

One moves elegantly past beautifully lit structures centuries old.

Seen today as they were long ago.

Their massive stone columns, large oval stain glassed windows,

Ornately carved marble archways, and

Gargoyles that sit atop their perches, guarding the slate roofs.

All which harkens back to a time when truly inspired aesthetics were enduring


That even now, in their magnificence, can still capture the imagination and

         Leave an indelible impression.

These were the architects vision of what they wanted reflected back to them,

That which would live on to speak for them, long after they were gone.


As the modern world grows around the city of old, with its new skyscrapers,

Their sterile square forms that look like giant stacked ice cubes,

Made of cold metal and glass.

When did function, practicality and the bottom line creep into grand design?

Add the ingredients of speed and efficiency into the mix,

Can anything enduring be built?

What does it say about the artist?

What are we building in our lives that we would knowingly leave behind?


As another century or so passes,

What will future generations say about us and our vision,

Or will these structures simply be too sterile and impersonal for reflection,

Therefore giving rise to those who would just tear down and start building anew.

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