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I stand here before you, in all your majestic beauty,

As I gaze at your imposing yet magnificent skyline

Your intensity surrounds me

And my body feels energized by your driving pulse,

Surging with the power of collective humanity

I seem more fully alive……

My spirit yearns for you……

To fly high in the sky and to know no bounds……


And yet….. and yet…..


In the stillness of a cold snowy evening

Your driving rhythm, quieted by a blanket of snow

Infuses a kind of serenity,

Trepidus at first, still,

Tranquility permeates my being

As though for a moment,

In the presence of grand old trees and still waters,

I can relax…..take root and feel secure.

My soul yearns for you…….

To be grounded to mother earth and

Feel fully connected to all life…..


Together… Together…


The outer and inner worlds join forces

Bringing their balancing energies pulsing inside my veins,

Reminding me of what I already know deep down inside…..

For the most fulfillment in this life’s expressions….

You must DO,

But never, ever forget….

You must first……. BE.


Lynne Stanford

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