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Making Known the Unknown


As the sun begins its descent upon yet another day,

The soul in its never ending quest for deeper knowledge,

Just begins to play.


For to touch upon the deepest of truths and

To make them known, one must

Look beyond what the eyes can see,

Listen beyond what the ears can hear, and

Reach beyond what the hands can hold

In order to touch upon a dimension of vibrations

That can only enter the mind sideways.

When one arrives there, only then,

Can the truth, essence, and vastness of the universe

Pierce through all preconceived beliefs and thoughts

To reveal, for a moment, that which is most honest, real and true.


The mind alone can’t even wrap itself around what is present there

And must greatly rely on all parts of ones being,

To even begin to shed some light and absorb the tiniest fragment

Of the life force found there and to bring it forth.


As the sun begins to ascend on a new day,

Ones hopes to bring more knowledge to light in ones life,

While continuing the infinite journey of making known the unknown.

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