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Awaiting Spring



A snowy fresh blanket creates magic in the crisp air,

And yet, the ground remains lifeless…….

Suspended in a fallow state

Awaiting for nature to repaint the land with life’s color.

A cyclical dying away of the old life,

Abandons in it’s wake dried, withering leaves on gray branches.


A small, yet necessary death has occurred and….

In the place where renewed life has yet to begin

Lies a hollow region of cold space

Dark in its recesses that let in little light and

Carves out an even bigger hole in the heart.

Emptiness seems so vast and new growth alludes this hibernated space.


In the rush to escape the pull of the endless night,

One misses the gifts it has to offer one’s soul.

A chance to dream, and let imagination flow,

Which plants the seed in one’s heart and one’s mind

That, which will create life anew.


Just when time seems to be standing still

And the germination process had begun its long journey to formation

The sun, on one twilight evening

Takes a moment to flash upon the sky

A most vibrant and brilliant display

O f pinks….. oranges…. And purples.

Blazing in all it’s glory before fading once again into  blackness,

Leaving behind its one message for all to see…….

While awaiting spring……

There is…… and always has been……… HOPE.



Lynne Stanford


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