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Gone is the milky haze that veils the green hills,

A heavy, as well as muggy atmosphere that washes out

The light coming from the heavens.


In its wake, the lighter air makes way for a crystal clear blue sky

And brings forth the suns rays

Which penetrate warmth down to the bones.


On a late October afternoon,

As the sun makes its way to the horizon,

The long streams of light flicker their way between the softly lit trees

And right through their vivid leaves,

Popping those crimson reds, golden yellows and rustic oranges,

As though the translucent color was coming from a prism!


Suddenly a colder, gusty north wind cuts through the valley,

Reminding us of what’s to come,

All while breaking the leaves tenuous grip to the branches

Sending them soaring into the air as they dance through light,

Skipping their way to the ground, and

Joining others in making a most colorful carpet.


The rustling leaves beneath your feet, the turquoise blue sky,

The warmer, deeper, richer colors and the sweet musty odor

Give Autumn its signature.


Gazing and taking in all this beauty, all while pondering,

Why would nature put on such a display.

Is she trying to tell us something……… I ask….

Why are you deeper, more colorful and glorious just before you die?

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